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Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats are the best way to show you all just what we mean by ‘Carefree Adventures.’ On the CA team, each member and collaborator has a serious case of wanderlust, and we want to share that with everyone who crosses our path. However, in our modern era sometimes travel can be a bit more stressful than it should, with heavy traffic, busy airports, and consumerism pushing the idea that we need more stuff in order for our journeys to be successful. The truth of it all is, that we don’t need much more than ourselves, an intention, and a means of transportation to enjoy adventuring. A Carefree Adventure is achieved by a state of mind, not anything one can purchase or pack. It is the mental space in which you embark on your journey, the awareness of the present moment that helps you live each experience to its fullest, and the mindful way in which you ease back into your daily habits after the trip is concluded.

For these reasons, our retreats are an absolutely wonderful way to get a taste of the Carefree way, and really engulf yourself with the experience we are describing.


What can one expect on a yoga retreat with Carefree Adventures?

Great question, but where to begin?!

We will actually start your CA experience before the journey ever begins. Our pre-adventure mental cleanse has been carefully cultivated to help you find a peaceful mindset to enter and maintain before you ever step foot outside of your home. We provide a short series of fun and interactive meditations, yoga practices, and journal prompts to lower stress levels and get you excited for the travels that lie ahead!

Then what?

Next, we’re off! To any of our allotted retreat locations; New York, Egypt (both available now for booking), Costa Rica, Tampa, FL, India, or one of the many other retreat destinations to come!

During this time, you will dive into all things travel, yoga, meditation, and indulgence as we immerse ourselves in all that each specific location has to offer, as well as get to know our fellow community of adventurers. There will be daily yoga practice, guided meditations, and plenty of both community time, as well as solo time to decompress or explore alone.

Afraid of getting the post-travel blues? Not to worry! The Carefree Adventure doesn’t end when you arrive back home. We provide you with a post trip detox as well, to ensure that your transition back into daily life is seamless.

As amazing as your time with us is guaranteed to be, these little tools and tips we give you do not have to begin and end with our retreats, we intend for your takeaway to be something that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to enhance anything life throws at you. So that the entire adventure of life can be ‘Carefree,’ if you will.


Photos by Kaylee Garrett and Arshia Khan

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