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The Creation of Carefree Adventures

The Creation of... Carefree Adventures

While the motivation and inspiration behind Carefree Adventures has always been crystal clear, it took us a moment to identify the path in which we would accomplish our many goals. From the beginning our intentions have been to promote stressless travel, join the movement to teach ancient yogic techniques to our modern society, and cultivate genuine connection with other seeking souls. So, we put our heads together to decipher exactly how Carefree Adventures would concisely offer these concepts to the world. While brainstorming, our founder, Natasha, went on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, where the stars began to align. Upon returning, she had essentially realized that in order to show everyone exactly how to adventure in a carefree manner, we should just show them. That is when it all came together and we began to collaborate with yogi friends across the country and globe in order to plan intimate and enlightening retreats. The teachers we reached out to jumped at the chance to have our team join them in efforts to construct the experience of a lifetime for everyone involved. That was the beginning of Carefree Adventures.

“Because every theory must be tested, I embarked on a solo trip to the Osa Penisula, Costa Rica to test out all the tools Carefree Adventures was going to share with its community. I started with my pre-trip mental detox, arrival meditation, journaling prompts, and daily movement. With all these items in my tool belt, I realized that Carefree Adventures was missing something. With pure inspiration and undeniable beauty, this trip to Costa Rica helped shape what you see as Carefree Adventures today. After a week filled with reflection, movement, and an unforgettable connection to my surroundings, we have shifted to offer a series of retreats throughout the year to bring your spirit back to center in a natural way. Yoga means union, and with the help of other amazing yoga teachers world-wide, Carefree Adventures is excited to bring you extraordinary international experiences.” - Natasha, Founder of Carefree Adventures


“You can’t unsee what you’ve seen. Travel changes your entire perspective of the world.”

Those are some of the first words Natasha uttered to me during our initial meeting for Carefree Adventures. I wrote them down hastily in my notebook, as I considered her words parallel to my own experiences involving travel. Natasha and I had met months ago, when we were both in training for our 200 hour registered yoga teacher certificates. We had hit it off immediately, bonding over our love for yoga, travel, our beloved pets, and numerous other shared interests. It was the kind of friendship that felt like it had existed for years, though we had just met; kindred spirits, if you will. That is why I was completely ecstatic to hear what she had to say when she reached out to me with a proposition. Since that initial lunch meeting, Carefree Adventures has absolutely transformed into something even bigger and better than we originally imagined. It is now a chance for us and others to live their wildest dreams. We don’t have to drop everything and move off grid to experience true freedom. Carefree Adventures offers that same sensation of opportunity by means of mindset and travel. We believe that it is possible, even in our modern society, to release anxieties and experience each present moment for all its worth.

Natasha and I have both been molded by our solo travels and adventures. We agree that there is no better way to learn, grow, and transform yourself quite like embarking on a new journey.

Speaking of passions, yoga was our initial bonding factor as a team. Travel and yoga have one large aspect in common; they both force us into new positions. They each encourage us to explore new sensations outside the wake of our comfort zones. For this reason, we can think of no better collaboration of two activities. Yoga retreats are typically transformative, but to adventure with the Carefree community, will be life changing. Carefree Adventures is more than a company, it is a state of mind.


Do not hesitate to email us at info@carefreeadventures

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