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Summer Solstice Retreat: A Recap

Adventure is described as an exciting or unusual experience. That is exactly what our beautiful Summer Solstice Yoga Retreat was - riveting, enchanting, and overall extraordinary.

We escaped to our retreat venue called Silent G Farms on a Friday. Tucked away in the Catskill Mountains of up-state New York, we spent an entire weekend soaking up all that nature has to offer in the absolute best of company.


Upon arrival, the Carefree Adventures team guided each guest to their personal rooms and led a brief arrival meditation to set the tone of the weekend. Each guest seemed to really need the quick grounding experience after a long week, a full day of travel, and all  the preparations it entails. Next, we all got to know one another over a beautiful home cooked meal which was carefully created by our very own founder, Natasha. The rest of the evening was then spent engaging in stimulating conversation over a campfire while everyone made s'mores and laughed as the fireflies glittered in the background.


Saturday was filled with medicinal yoga flows, a summer solstice circle, sound bath, meditation and lots of time to enjoy the myriad of amenities that Silent G Farms had to offer. Sunday kept pace with the previous day's offerings of yoga and meditation, plus a wonderful local farmer’s market that we attended as a group, a barefoot nature hike, and a traditional baklava dish cooking tutorial led by our lovely co-host Yogi Soli.

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Beginning each morning with an hour of silence as we each eased into our days and encouraging night fall together, fireside was such a beautiful experience to enjoy as a community. The peace and quiet of the forest covered mountains accompanied by melodic cricket songs and bullfrogs singing to one another near the pond was good for the heart and soul. Laughter, stories, and memories were traded by strangers who blossomed into new friends throughout the weekend. By the time departure came around, we all felt like family. None of us wanted to leave our haven, but each soul was filled with a sense of rejuvenation that proved we were ready to embark back out into the real world. Before saying our farewells, Carefree Adventures led a quick departure meditation for each guest. We each then left on our allotted journeys homeward, elated at the time spent in this serene place and full of the bliss that accompanies genuine inner peace and new kinship.

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