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You are preparing for a vacation. Your bag is half-packed and splayed open on your unmade bed, your latest playlist is blaring in the background, as you frantically attempt to clean and last minute pack all at once. Your head is a whirlwind of all the things you need to do before you leave, but you have no clue how to even begin prioritizing as you fall exasperated onto the bed. Stressed and frustrated you look around. How did something you were so excited about become the main source of your anxiety?? This trip was supposed to be for relaxing. You have not even departed yet and it is doing the extreme opposite.

This is exactly where Carefree Adventures comes in. Our team is in love with the eagerness that accompanies packing a bag, the sense of freedom we feel on a plane flight to the next unknown destination, and the enchantment of wandering aimlessly around a new city and finding adventure around every corner. But in our modern world how does one create that experience - one of frivolousness, without a care in the world? How do we gift ourselves sincere relaxation in this chaotic life? Is it possible to tap into the part of ourselves that just wants to jump ship, give up wearing shoes, buy a van, and live off the grid without abandoning our daily lives?

The answers to these questions are simple; we absolutely can travel free and easy. We have all the potential in the world to fully enjoy our adventures, however small or large, without getting caught up by the inevitable worries life creates. By prioritizing practices that cultivate not only lighter travel but a better quality of living we can learn to let go of the stress and let in the wonder. That is exactly what we desire to teach you at Carefree Adventures. Join us as we practice mindful living so that we can relish in all of life’s Carefree Adventures to the fullest!

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