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Glowing Goddess Getaway: A Women's Retreat

Ladies, have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could just run away to the ocean for a couple of days and only have to be around my friends!”

The Carefree Adventures team definitely has. That is exactly what spawned the glorious idea of our latest retreat project.


We are elated to announce our first annual Women's Retreat: The Glowing Goddess Getaway. This experience will be like no other - we invite any and all women to share this gorgeous space with us in paradise as we reset. Take a weekend for yourself to prioritize your womanhood and tap into the divine feminine as we dive deep into yoga, meditation, community, and relaxation. This weekend will include both social gatherings as well as alone time, a heated pool overlooking the ocean, hot tub, access to jet skis, workshops, yoga flows, guided meditations, sound baths, and so much more.


Room and board, food, and all group activities will be covered in the retreat fee (what a deal). On top of that, we have carefully crafted an itinerary which will give retreat goers plenty of opportunity for learning, movement, group sessions, and solo time. This experience will check all of your boxes; adventure, downtime, stimulation, and relaxation. The house is located right on the water in the perfect spot for access to all the elements for an especially grounding and rejuvenating experience.

This will all be happening over the peak days of the Harvest Moon in Pisces. As women, we literally cycle with the moon physically and emotionally, so the timing will be superb as a full moon offers us a gorgeous window of time to prioritize creating intentions and invoking positive change.

Featuring special collaborator...

The pinnacle of our weekend will be an event day of the full moon, led by Carefree Adventures alongside our special guest Picnic Under the Moon as we revel in our feminine power and come together for a medicinal picnic on the beach beneath the moonlight, along with tarot readings, dancing, and stimulating group activities and discussions. Picnic Under the Moon is also a woman owned and operated business where our dear friend Erza creates luxury picnics, and also utilizes that to host a monthly goddess full moon picnic. She was the first collaborator we thought of when this idea started coming to fruition, and after hearing our vision, she was eager to jump right on board with the creation of this magical affair!


In conclusion, if you are feeling in need of some time to recharge with like minded ladies, this is the ultimate opportunity! Don’t get us wrong, we love some healthy masculinity but this event is custom tailored to refresh the divine feminine within us all.

Feed your inner goddess with this luxurious experience. You are sure to leave this weekend absolutely glowing.


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